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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 18  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2018 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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afghanistan after a bomb went off at a mosque in the eastern province of cost police say it may have been targeted because it's uses a voter registration center in october's column an election well the thirty people were injured elsewhere in afghanistan seven indian engineers and their afghan driver being kidnapped by a group of gunmen they work in a power plant in the northern badlands province a police spokesman says the engineers were travelling to a government run house ation in a minibus when they were abducted. people in lebanon the voting in the country's first parliamentary election for nine years president michel aoun cast his ballot in beirut and another district of beirut saw the prime minister saad hariri voting the country's using a new system partly based on proportional representation. oh. god willing all every lebanese citizen has to vote and perform their national charity the lebanese can vote for whoever they wish this will make the country stronger
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iran's president has warned the u.s. will face historic regret if president trump scraps a new deal. ronnie's says iran is prepared to respond if such a decision is taken president trump has less than a week in which to decide in hawaii more people have been forced to leave their homes by a volcanic eruption love a toxic gas and threatening residential areas in the american states those are the headlines. once pristine indonesia's chittering river has become a toxic waste dump for textile factories that supply a global fashion chain one of the salmon to the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera. at least twenty five children. when i and i went to. see the sick on a. good. morning.
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hello i'm richard ginsberg and you're listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week ten journalists killed in a single day and afghanistan as the security situation there deteriorates malaysia was the first country in the world to pass an anti fake news law and now we're starting to see the ramifications. winnie mandela was laid to rest in south africa on april fourteenth journalists have been divided over her legacy and in israel a new video game where the enemy is an anti occupation activist armed with a video camera. to shoot the afghan journalists rushing to the site of an explosion this past week in kabul were trying to cover the news they didn't realize it was a set up in the aftermath a second suicide bomber disguised as a news camera man detonated his device the attacks claimed by the islamic state
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left twenty nine people dead including nine journalists another afghan reporter was shot dead that same day and the carnage serves as a brutal reminder of the perils of being in the news business in afghanistan phenomenal growth in the media there is considered one of the tangible positive legacies of the two thousand and one coalition invasion however four years after the drawdown of foreign troops a worsening overall security environment has put journalists under all kinds of new pressures already targeted by militant groups like the taliban and the islamic state news outlets are also getting heat from the government side parliamentary elections are coming up this year and some state officials are clearly out to muzzle the news media our starting point this week is the site of the bombings cavill. the list of bloodiest attack on journalists in the history of afghanistan the loss
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of the questions of the instant. our cameraman and mouth to heat from what i see the fee withdrawn is called from the in the room from the b. or something or young generation that was. one of the good leaders incidents for afghanistan media and for this in general because. this was directly to reporters. the first explosion took place at eight am the journalists who rushed to the scene would not have had time to notice that one of the cameramen there was an impostor. they would have assumed he was one of them. fifteen minutes later his hollowed out camera crammed with explosives was deafening the subsequent news feeds contained far more images from the aftermath of the first bombing than the second because after the second explosion there were fewer
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journalists alive to take sometimes it's the relative lack of trucks that tell the story in the scene there were some other groups of people around civilian. security forces but based on the reports we have the one who was carrying a bomb it was as told within camera exploded just write them all the journalists and reporters and that led to a big loss for afghanistan media family this is something that we look for gets a lot when for gave it or none of my colleagues or. journalists from other media outlets expected the second attack because he was this guy just as a journalist and he was trying to make everybody feel like he's one of them journalists might be very careful after this now the fear has spread and probably
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they would be very very reluctant sending out their journalists to the bomb blast site this is going to affect the whole media situation in afghanistan. to honor the victims and protest the treacherous conditions that afghan journalists face one paper. published a blackened front page the editors did the very same thing two years ago when taliban fighters attacked a van load of journalists from the country's biggest television channel tolo t.v. killing seven of all the responsibility for this week's twenty explosions was claimed by the islamic state the taliban represents a much wider threat to john. the group now controls or contests more territory roughly forty percent of the country than any time since the invasion of two thousand and one and wherever the taliban is making a comeback journalists have reason to fear or watch their words militant groups
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don't want their atrocities to be covered and report and it's basically the media who highlights reveals atrocities of that commitment. go ahead donna donna condo's somewhat as. the attack of terrorist groups against an idea are mainly. because of decent reasons the taliban attacked carrying. two dollars sixty and that instrument seven of the employees of the t.v. station were killed and it resulted in a huge wave of sort of sums of all across afghanistan the objects of of the taliban to create black holes created information black holes taliban are attacking not only journalists but the telecommunication towers and other structures that are related to media and communication they are trying to destroy the very fabric of
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the media and communication as so people don't have first hand and correct information and this has of course created a kind of fear and if the hearts of the joint. the taliban's conflict with journalists and journalism goes way back the group ruled most of afghanistan from one thousand nine hundred ninety six to two thousand and one it banned television altogether because they are in it blasphemes and strictly controlled other forms of meet the u.s. led invasion of two thousand and one deposed the taliban but at a heavy price. as many as one hundred seventy thousand civilians have been killed in the fighting since and successive governments although democratically elected have proven to be corrupt however the growth of the media sector much of it fueled by western money pumped into the country has been deemed a success afghans now have more than
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a dozen television channels and more than one hundred radio stations to inform and the freedom of the afghan media have compares favorably to many of their neighbors now one of the few allegedly successful legacies of the u.s. led coalition invasion of vibrant media space is that for us. the growing pressure . on jonas in recent years has created. self-censorship that's number one and number two it's going to weaken the capability of media outlets to cover stories gillis tori's of trust it is number three it's gonna encourage a lot of journalists to leave the profession so the long term effect of this will be that we will lose much of the press freedom that we have in afghanistan today which is the most vibrant press freedom in the region and. the afghan media are also coming under increasing pressure from the body that's supposed to offer them
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protection the government the afghan journalists safety committee says that over the last half of two thousand and seventeen government workers politicians and police were responsible for almost one third of incidents involving either violence against or intimidation of media workers journalists who produce stories about corruption often become targets of state officials we have faced with manny challenges with both sides but. inside with the government the man it and the are targeting us directly by the government they try to censor they try to limit our access to information at the happy for free press in afghanistan and. we focus on the inner weaknesses and we focus on their corruptions because we name and shame some of their who are engaged in corruption
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and every reporter something to try to blackmail you and accuse you for doing something against the national interest of the country but we have a law and regulation which is supporting us we have a system here we have a media complaint commission but when it comes to trust from taliban there is no is sufficient to go there and resolve the case so close to the truth you are single message so you have to be careful because. no it seems that their service was the sort of missing children they continue to kill. as the head of news at tolo t.v. put it the taliban choose their targets carefully but the islamic state targets everything like one of tunnels cameramen yar mohammad told he who perished in the second explosion having been lured there by the first his equipment bears the stains and his colleagues bear the scars after the mother of all attacks against journalism in afghanistan. what
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discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week was one of our producers nina actually ravi nina a few months back malaysia became the first country in the world to pass an anti fake news law and this past week we've seen it put to use tell us about the cases there are two legal cases richard the big one involves mahathir mohamad the former prime minister and current leader of the opposition who's being investigated for spreading fake news after he alleged that a plane he was going to take to file his candidacy documents for the upcoming general elections was sabotaged by government operatives critics of this anti fake news law had warned malaysians that it could be used to stifle dissent during the election campaign and the mohammad case may end up proving them right and what about the second case in which the person charged isn't even a malaysian service his name is. on he's a danish national who is in kuala lumpur on a visit he posted
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a video on you tube accusing malaysian police of reacting too slowly to the shooting of a palestinian lecturer there on april the twenty first the police refuted that saying they were on the scene eight minutes after the shooting they accused of publishing fake news with ill intent he was sentenced to a week in jail and find the equivalent of two thousand five hundred us dollars he may have actually got off lightly the maximum fine under the law is nearly one hundred thirty thousand dollars and the jail terms can be up to six years but his case does reveal how broad the scope of this antique news law is that it's not just journalists and bloggers who can be charged but even non media people a couple of weeks back we looked at the banning of the messaging app telegram in russia now something similar has occurred in iran same story basically different country well both stories involve the security forces in russia the intelligence service the f.s.b. demanded access to the code that would get around telegrams message and corruption
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when telegram refused a court. ordered the app to be shut down in iran telegrams license to operate has been canceled after security forces said it needed to be banned in order to quote confront illegal activities all of this comes after countrywide protests at the end of last year when a few telegram accounts were shut down and the app was blocked for a couple of weeks for allegedly inciting violence and now a new replacement messaging app developed in iran championed by the government has come onto the market tell us about sort of a solution comes with the endorsement of the supreme leader ali khamenei who deleted his telegram account last month switched to suroosh and has included iranians to join him the app doesn't offer anywhere near the same levels of privacy and encryption that telegram did and there's been a lot of attention globally to the fact that users can download stickers or him agin of protesters with placards reading death to america and death to freemasons the apis five million users so far telegram had nearly fifty million iranians
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signed up a joke that's gone viral says that compared to telegrams two ticks that notify you when a message has been read solutions three ticks are to confirm that even the intelligence services have been through your messages ok thanks michel. last month south africans laid to rest one of their iconic anti apartheid leaders winnie but because allah mandela for all those years that her husband nelson mandela was in prison the mama winnie as she was known moved to the front line in the fight against white minority rule earning the respect of her people and the ire of the apartheid era government which is why in the days after her death many south africans took exception to the way her obituaries read how she had been reduced to the former wife of a president who played a big part in the struggle or was caricature as an angry vengeful woman who had lost her way then just days before her funeral a documentary aired in the country that showed how the apartheid government with the help of the white own news media had smeared my because i love mandela with
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deceptions and lies that made it into those obits that documentary changed things listening posts nick muirhead now on winnie mad because i love mandela her life death and partial rehabilitation in the media. thinks why. she was a. nice trick of women to kiss element in the obit started coming out it soon became clear that some news outlets hadn't done their homework from the mother of the nation to a tarnished reputation beautiful brave woman who so brutally not is a woman dale and unlike your husband became the evil that she condemned because the role of the person many considered the title of the n.t. apartheid struggle was being diminished the obits were flat they just didn't have
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the kind of work that should have been done for this individual and you had one editor refer to her as damaged goods internationally reports you had weight referring to her as the mother than my good of the nation and then your time. that her legacy and a parted as a liberator was overshadowed by scandal and you had the b.b.c. thing as mandela's wife that was all that she was the minister just his wife and you have this backlash this groundswell from the public which says that is not the only when mandela who existed and so you see this remarkable shift in the narrative especially local media covering her now in a much more respectful way. to understand why so many south africans objected to the portrayal of magic is element in the days after her death it helps to look at her life in one nine hundred sixty four she and her two young children watched as her husband nelson mandela were sentenced to life in prison the apartheid
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government or the african national congress the a.n.c. and prohibited journalists from covering the party in any way that supposedly advanced its so-called terrorist agenda the struggle for liberation that had been gaining momentum was a severe blow. in the midst of this there was one person when he mandela who seem to live without fear he spoke out. he spoke on behalf of the band with lies and he spoke on behalf of her husband and it was a very powerful image and figure so she kept that voice alive but she also develops. quite an important. relationship with people in the grassroots and so in some ways if an international or domestic media is interested in understanding the feeling of the people they do so through the lens of a women dollar. as such a visible leader of the resistance magic is elemental and needed to be silenced for
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two decades the apartheid government harassed her shuttle to her in and out of prison held there in solitary confinement reportedly tortured him to meet her and eventually in one nine hundred seventy seven banished to remote part of the country eight years later when he met the kids elemental it defied the government and returned to the media spotlight this time the world saw a different side to her with wretched at the rhetoric a new militancy. it was only one of many saw that as an endorsement of necklace or approval form of execution predominantly in black communities we suspect a police informant said tires filled with petrol placed around their necks that within satellite. the apart take government and its media apparatus looked at the new medic is element dead and her personal bodyguards and enforcers who operated under the name of the mandela united football club and saw an opportunity the
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government who pretended like it was you know conducting this this war by parliamentary rules when in fact it was conducting a dirty war and when he when there was attitude was we should respond you know fire with fire the mc actually said by the late ninety's make the country ungovernable people would burn things would protest and so when mandela became sort of the personification of that kind of politics and so there were excesses the government can exploit those excesses i was coeditor of the weekly mail and this story started to you may judge in particular we had one or two young reporters who came and said and there's an issue there's a problem. these increasing complaints about the behavior of this football club the question for us was how to cover it because the security police and the apartheid state would be eager to use any information and controversy. to damage the liberation movement by the late one nine hundred eighty s.
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it emerged that the apartheid government to create a covert unit called strata com that specialized in spreading misinformation and propaganda against opponents of the state as many as forty journalists were involved from multiple news organizations and among the n.t. a pocket need as they targeted when he met because the element data. in one thousand nine hundred struck come got a story it could work worth a young boy's name still piece of paper was accused of being a police informant he was kidnapped tortured and then murdered by members of the mandela united football club. when arrested they said that the order had come from a dick is element and while she was never convicted of any involvement in the murder only in the kidnapping of surprise the story was explosive enough for stress comes through its media network to start turning black south africans against or it becomes the single story about winnie mandela and so here is where i think the media both domestically and internationally or as it begins to see women only as
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a caricature and only as the woman who had something to do with the stump is a paramedic in fact she was convicted of kidnapping him and her reasons for that kidnap were that she was taking him to a place of safety a lot of people started to turn against they were graffiti is on was saying we must hang and give us north mandela back take we need to robben island and so that was the effect of that coverage on women because she she was completely denied by her own people i think for all intents and purposes disappears and become something of a a bit of a pariah. and post a potato. she doesn't live on t.v. in the papers and books and documentaries she doesn't live in that way. that was until three days before my dickies elemental as funeral a documentary called winnie had on a domestic t.v. channel it showed through interviews with former struck agents. had been targeted
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in the media. pretty about the journalists working their way to you in order. so through being a good specific group which placed when you spoke to us. from back even back then she tried to warn south africans about the coverage of the storm dissipate story. any means. and then the kicker that gerry richardson the member of the mandela united football club who had killed stumpy and then pointed the finger at winnie was in fact the police informant himself they have been questions the ferocity of some of the claims made in the film but for many south africans the documentary reiterated why there were certain angry with some of the initial coverage of magick is elemental as death because it read like apartheid era propaganda the documentary
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was a piece i think of necessary revisionism historical revisionism but i think because when winnie mandela died and all the grievances that people have about the way we talk about women and political struggle or women and violence kind of came back i think the tragedy is and it's really been exchange rates and in this period of mourning since her death that we have two competing caricaturists of you seem unable to move beyond either winnie as the extraordinary here. or we need the witch and the truth is they they are both crude caricature and she's a complicated human being that like all of us comes with baggage from the agony racist past.
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finally there was a video game back in the ninety's that you may remember called snake this past week a right wing political organization in israel called him toted sue released an israeli retro version of the game but rather than having a snake navigating its way through a grid it has an israeli soldier named trying to find his way home among the obstacles in his way you patient activists armed with video cameras there from n.g.o.s like that salim and checkpoint watch and just to avoid any confusion on the part of his radio gamers the activists are the enemy will see you next time you're at the listening post. to mix against the heat. and take me to. this. the second. if can be.
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because. it's. so cool. and the shady. will she need. to leave. because she didn't get the kick me.
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my most memorable moments with al jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to us if something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. right.
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conservation is helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but this snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international least of threatened species.


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